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Manufacture your electric vehicle using our Easy Access IP

We develop Easy Access Intellectual Properties that can be used by electric vehicle startups and for research purposes. Free to use, available to everyone. 

Free Technology

We offer easy access to our IP Portfolio to companies and individuals interested in licensing technologies for free on a non-exclusive basis for the purpose of product, process or service development.

Launch Rapidly

We help startups launch electric vehicles and sustainable transport products rapidly by significantly reducing investment in research and development, by providing technology and consultancy support.

Contract Manufacturing 

Save cost by avoiding capital investment in production facility and advanced skills. Our contract manufacturing service provides a factory -producing and shipping units of the design  on your behalf.



We provide non-exclusive royalty free licenses to develop and manufacture products and services for sustainable transport based on our Designs. 

Easy Access IP

Easy Access IP

Our Easy Access IP provides a fast-track route for the transfer of knowledge and expertise, so that it can be developed to benefit economy and society.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Develop new forms of cooperation. Build product, service or process by accessing our expertise and know-how. Connect your business closely to research.

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